Ig market forex review

Ig market forex review

Author: ykweb On: 05.06.2017

IG is a global leader in online trading, providing fast and flexible access to over 15, financial markets — including indices, shares, forex and commodities.

ig market forex review

We are a member of the FTSE , with headquarters located in the City of London. We offer both leveraged and non-leveraged products via our award-winning platform and mobile apps.

IG Markets Reviews | Forex Broker Rating of odomujekadox.web.fc2.com by ForexRealm

We are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FCA , and process an average of over seven million transactions globally per quarter Apr-Jun All trading involves risk. Losses can exceed your deposits when trading CFDs or spread betting.

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ig market forex review

Member reviews Add review. May 26, Competitive pricing, nice research part. Soscini Member 3 reviews, 5 posts 0 of 0 members found this review helpful.

IG Markets Review - By odomujekadox.web.fc2.com

Jan 29, Fairly solid, but stop losses questionable. Pretty much everything meets expectations. Platform is stable enough and their spreads are pretty good. I tried to complain about it but they refused point blank and no real customer service, just referred me to their terms and conditions, so I decided to look for a new provider and after a decent searchi think I have decided on XTB.

All in all I think IG are ok, just didn't like they way they handled my complaint. Hopefully better luck with XTB. J2theFizzle Member 1 review, 20 posts 2 of 2 members found this review helpful.

Jan 26, best strategy for trading. Have you been tossed around by cyber swindlers and scammers and above all amateur traders, making you lose money. Nov 30, Pathetic. I have been trying to setup a new account with IG also for the past weeks. It is painful in how incompetent they are and I am shocked they have any customers.

I agree with the comments below in that how can anyone trust that they would deal with a real issue with any priority and basic ability. I think mentally deranged chimps could do a better job. I opened an account with a competitor around the same time and they actually called me and made sure everything was setup correctly and I was happy. I guess there are no bananas in their break room. Joe Member 1 review, 0 posts 1 of 1 members found this review helpful. Nov 15, Not the same problem for italian customers.

I read so many negative comments, but I have never had problems with this broker. Although I admit that is not what we use most, and i didn't invest huge sums, which is perhaps why I haven't suffered from the same issues listed in the reviews here.

Customer service is pretty quick, at least over here for Italian customers. As for the trading conditions se here for IG trading condition for italian markets , you have always been respected. Here we IG is considered among the top 10 brokers on almost all the sites in the industry. Aug 15, Terrible customer service. I've been trying to set up a new account with IG for 3 weeks already, and it's still not done: I can only imagine how terrible is their customer service when you need to do something more serious, like withdraw funds for example Jun 27, Avoid using for Binaries its a bucket shop more you win the more they want you to go away!!!

Avoid its a bucket shop for Binaries. They do not like winners. The favourite way to make you lose your money is they tamper with the execution.

I am talking about Binaries here where speed of trade execution is everything. Your losing trades will nearly always without fail get accepted. But when it comes time to Close the trade to take your profits this is where it becomes obvious they are tampering.

You either get a long delay where you cannot do anything while they manually examine the price to see if its moving in their favour or you get a rejection then the market has moved away so you either lose money or by the time you try again the binary has expired or got within 30 secs of the expiry so you cannot do anything. This has been going on for well over a decade now but as Binaries are not a regulated financial instrument there is nothing you can do except avoid using IG Index.

This would then make the underhand practise go away as you can prove it so they would not bother trying that anymore!! Greed Is Good Member 1 review, 50 posts 1 of 1 members found this review helpful. Jun 17, If you are wise Stay Away! Be very careful using this broker for spread betting.

IG Reviews

It seem widely recommended, from my experience instead I could say there are a lot of suspicious behaviour around it. Feb 24, Account application refused - lack of any logic.

I use prorealtime and really like it. I tried to join IG so that I could use prorealtime to read charts and execute with one platform but was refused due to lack of income and liquid assets. I do own two property's outright. It does leave a question mark about their ability to sufficiently manage their own risk. If they cannot stipulate the account size or leverage amount without also saying that you must earn a certain amount clearly to keep the option open to retrieve losses then they are not exactly offering a reassuring message.

When the issue of not sufficient credit was explained I told them other brokers were not stipulating a liquid asset level as high as theirs but I was told this was not true. Sorry, but I have had accounts with Go Markets, FXCM and Dukascopy in the last year and always gave the same details - they were happy with the asset level and deposit level.

I understand prorealtime is available with Interactive Brokers and a 5, Euro deposit. This would definitely be my preferred option to IG in this scenario. Failing that, I will happily continue with Dukascopy for execution.

Sennerd Member 1 review, 0 posts 1 of 1 members found this review helpful. This alleged company is illegal to trade in the US as they class it as a "Bucketshop".

Latest updates on Ig, Ig group, Ig Index, former Ig Markets. A lot has come out in the media over the recent decision by ,the Swiss National Bank on January 15, to remove it's cap on its exchange rate. When the cap was unexpectedly removed, the franc appreciated by 30 per cent in an instant against the euro.

IG did nothing for over 10 minutes and stopped all accounts from trading. FXCM, a US-based foreign exchange broker, published detailed data on the action that it took on the day. IG gave the worst fill possible to all clients. I think these links are very important as they tell the story that the worlds media is finally starting to catch on to these alleged "Bucket shops" CFD Providers.

They use there false and misleading advertisements to fool people and pretend the Over the counter products to be something they are not Shares listed on stock markets or this case forex. They are guilty in my opinion, but now read these links and I will let you be your own judge. IG even is dishonest on there own website in my opinion. False and misleading advertisements from IG, Ig Markets.

Quote" Trade Anytime, anywhere". False and misleading advertisement that claims " React instantly" and "Take a position wherever you are". This add was placed in Financial Review Smart Investor on sale 18th March , April issue. Old IG markets false advertisement from Sep Financial Review Smartinvestor magazine once again "Trade anytime, anywhere.

But in there legalese product disclosure statement they can at will refuse or void any of your trades at will. ASIC, ACCC, Ombusdman will do nothing because they are protected!. Please read 3rd column about ASIC's "surveillance" but ASIC has done nothing until over 5 years later! And is in my opinion a protector of all CFD providers.

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ACCC does not do anything against CFD providers https: Ig are protected by many goverment departments in Australia and whats worse they are an UK owned and based company. We the tax payers of Australia want to be protected thats why we pay your wages!.

ig market forex review

FOS well I am still waiting for the list of trades that IG Markets sent to you. Also will you use the law against IG Markets And its amazing that none these named powers will not stop CFD providers OTC products being sold to retail clients.

And do there duty to protect all Australian investors. Stuart Washington Keep up the good work and BAN the CFD "Bucketshop". Someone once said ASIC is a regulator. But where have they been for all these years?. Thanks to the media there day will come and let's hope the truth will come out about how IG Markets now IG, and how they got away with cheating there customers for so many years. Not good enough in my opinion. To little and ASIC your still protecting what IG and other CFd providors have been doing for many years cheating and stealing from Australian investor's.

ASIC must to ban all CFD providors " Ban the bucketshop". And launch a inquiry into Cfd providors behaviour and scams. Join the fight like me sign up to these two petitions against IG links: Call the Dealer if you have any problems.

FCA orders fresh scrutiny of spread betting - ". So you understand why the FCA is asking traders for there experience about CFD and spreadbetters to be provided as evidence. IG to Re-Price Swiss Franc Trades after Financial Ombudsman Decision. Also some current news finally around the 15 Oct , that the UK Financial Conduct Authority is at the moment investigating IG, spreadbetting, and all other cfd provider's and all other smilar providers. So any current client or former trader needs to know that they must if they like to contact the UK FCA, now to provide there honest experience and show these CFD providers or bucket shops for what they really are to the world!

My email sent to FCA 27 Oct A recent quote from the UK FCA board " The board noted the consideration of issues around the regulatory perimeter, in particular ongoing work looking at the promotion and appropriateness tests for purchase of contracts for difference".

Retribution hates IG Markets as they cheated me out of a lot of money and in my opinion they are a "Bucket Shop" CFD providers are banned in America by the US Security and Exchange commission. Because they are classed as a derivative Over The Counter product and are NOT traded on any exchange. They as in all CFD, Spread-betters OTC products must be stopped to all retail investors. I hope this information will be useful to you.

Thank you very much to this great forum for helping so very much. Good luck to all: Regulators in Cyprus, Britain, and Germany have now taken action against CFD providers.


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