How to earn money on clicksia

How to earn money on clicksia

Author: steelmaker On: 29.05.2017

MoneyPantry is a site that was created to share my knowledge about how people can make some extra money with their time. If you are looking for a one-stop article that will tell you everything you need to know about making money online, then look no further— this is my biggest article yet.

Click to Join Ipsos Now! Some of us are avid bookworms and others still are students and ex-students who have ended up with old textbooks. Before you think about selling any of your books, though, you should ask yourself if it is something you can honestly see yourself rereading.

Whether for rereading or lending out. Perhaps the most well-known of the used book buyers, BookScouter is a site that has received a fair share of mentions on MoneyPantry. Their method of business leaves little to be desired. They have an ISBN-based appraisal engine like some of the other options on this list, but what makes them special is the fact that they cross-check against dozens of other buyback sites and pinpoints the one that will offer the most for your business.

This is a website that will buy your books as well as paying for your shipping. Pays out via check or Paypal, with each pay cycle occurring every few days. This expands their market and allows more people to sell books than is otherwise possible.

First, you put your ISBN into the text field and check whether or not they want the book. If they do, then the book will need to be in near-perfect condition. Whereas some sites ask you to wait for a buyer to agree to purchase your book, this one is purchased direct-from-seller and will allow you to send you books off as soon as you can print your prepaid shipping label. Payment is sent straight to your bank account. Like many of the other sites on the list, they will allow you to search by ISBN.

Bookbyte is another of the college-centric sites on the list, and offers sales and rental services like KnetBooks. However, if you do turn in a book in very good condition, then you can expect to fetch a pretty decent price for it. For one, they buy direct from you, which means no hassle of waiting for a reseller. They will handle the shipping costs themselves, which is always a good thing, and most importantly, they accept just about any type of book.

You can choose to get paid out by check or by PayPal, depending on your preference. A site that does right what it says on the tin. A good choice for those of us who particularly like businesses with a good reputation. Another site that does what it says in the name! Paperback Swap, true to form, allows you to swap paperbacks with other users. So when you mail out a book, you pay, but when someone mails one to you, they pay.

Believe it or not, greeting cards are a massive business, so much so that I had to put them in their own section. It is estimated that the industry runs upwards of 7 billion, per year. Like any industry, its size means that there is a way for you to profit.

While each company has different needs and guidelines, there are certainly some that you make a perfect match with. This is a good option for those of you who are only looking to dabble. They actively accept submissions and they have a tendency to prefer raunchy cards.

The lighter side of the adult-themed cards, Smart Alex is more about risque and topical cards. No word on what their payment is like. Taking a turn away from the adult sites, this is a company that prefers family-friendly messages. They like artful, personal messages, so you should keep your silly jokes for a different company. And be careful, this company is not interested in rhyming poetry submissions! This is a bit of wildcard entry. You can always give it a shot, but do so at your own risk!

Second only to Hallmark in the world of greeting cards, American Greetings does actually accept submissions from freelance card creators. The big daddy of greeting cards companies. This company is making a huge market share of the greeting card industry, enough to afford their own TV channel and everything!

So you can imagine that there are ways to make money through them. Unlike many of the others on this list, these guys only accept in-house writers. So writing for Hallmark is a full time job, and it may or may not require you to relocate. Not to be confused with internet cartoonist, The Oatmeal, Oatmeal Studios is a fun and down-to-earth company that deals in a variety of cards.

Unlike some of the other tentative entries on this list, Oatmeal Studios is absolutely accepting submissions right now.

Learn To Earn Money On PTC Sites: How Does Clicksia Work?

Despite the somewhat cynical company name, these guys are straightforward business-people who are willing to accept your submissions. Submissions for this company are not just limited to greeting cards, though, because they are also interested in other types of merchandise, like stickers.

While this was once a standalone operation, Shoebox Cards now operates as a subsidiary of Hallmark. When I looked into it, the only hard guideline I could find was not to send too many submissions at once. This seasonally-focused card company accepts submissions, with variable payment depending per-person. They have a peculiar system of submission, it would seem: Avanti Press is among the larger distributors in the industry, and they will occasionally accept submissions.

This company is actively seeking out salespeople to expand their range of distribution, but they are also accepting submissions for artists and editorial positions. There is a contact form of their website that will make it easy to contact them. You can sign up for these groups and get paid to report on mail, and you can cancel the service any time. You get paid each time you report something. This company is sometimes referred to by either name.

Like the previous one, this decoy work involves both receiving and occasionally sending mail. You get paid for reporting about the letters with various information, and you usually receive a given amount of letters during a certain period of time. Then you are rewarded in point which can be redeemed via Amazon, PayPal, Globoforce or Moneybookers. You may recognize this group from my previous article.

SBKC compensates in point amounts, and deals in mail as well as emails. Mail usually arrives daily, and then you log into the website and report what mail you received. One of the most enjoyable and unexpected ways to make money online is by rating and listening to music. The way it works is that a band will submit their music and pay the service for feedback.

Then you listen to the songs for seconds, submit a short review, and get paid. Probably the biggest music paid-review site, STP is here to help independent artists get the feedback they crave. This helps them in a lot of ways, and any musicians out there know how valuable honest feedback can be!

STP works on a ranking system and will pay you more for better reviews, as well as paying you more the more reviews you do. Instead of paying out direct cash, Hit Predictor pays you in points. These points can be spent on a variety of things, such as CDs, DVDs, or raffle entries. MusicXRay is a site that also has a ranking system, as in, you get paid more the more you work.

Slicify is a Microsoft-endorsed distribution service that allows Windows users to make passive money sorry Mac users. This company specializes in stock trading and hard number crunching. If you happen to be big into stocks and have some insider knowledge on the subject, they also offer high-paying returns for writing relevant, expert articles for them. Dating all the way back to ancient times, knowledge has been worth money. So why not offer to teach people in return for payment?

You can also set your own hours, as long as it works for your student. Setting your own rate is also a plus— but be careful not to price yourself out! If you want to be your own boss, here are a collection of sites that will help you make money tutoring. They message you to arrange a lesson and you accept, reject, or respond to reschedule.

Happy Tutors is not an online tutoring hub like Google Helpouts was, but rather, a directory for tutors. It helps people find tutors. In contrast to the relatively casual atmosphere of a site like Happy Tutors, Tutorvista takes its application process very seriously.

This one is a UK-only site. Students may contact you and arrange a schedule. WizIQ is pretty serious business in the online tutoring world, and for good reason. They have a strong virtual classroom system in place that will allow you to teach students on a video or audio basis, an online whiteboard you can use, desktop sharing, a file space for uploading and downloading, and a lot of student slots for you to fill.

The aptly named Tutor. The way it worked was that you would text them a question and get a response in a matter of moments, as well as a text message with an advertisement attached.

It was such a popular format that big names came in and tried to steal the spotlight with advertising if you remember KGB-KGB. A psychic-based service, of all things, Keen allows you to make money in return for channeling your psychic abilities. Psychics are allowed to set their rates and you can choose the one you want, as a customer, so it helps to keep a good rapport with those who you channel for.

For those who are looking for expert feedback on their problems, there is JustAnswer. WerLive is something like a hybrid between an advice service and a tutoring service. The unique thing about it is that you use their native video chat to give people tutorials or quick answers when they need it.

People come and ask questions about their small business, you answer, and you get paid. You can choose to get paid to PayPal or by check. This one requires some specific knowledge, but you can bet that business people are going to have questions! Another great opportunity to make money doing something fun, there are opportunities out there to be a mystery shopper.

This is different than the product testing that we discussed earlier, because mystery shopping is much more about testing a company than a product. As companies come to understand the value of market research, the mystery shopping world has started to grow. Now, there are a variety of companies which are willing to pay you to mystery shop so that they can help other companies or themselves learn how customers think and what kinds of impressions their business gives.

There are a lot of different types and some of them have different focuses, so do some investigating before you sign up. Some of them might deal in businesses that you have very little interest in. While it is all well and good to see lawyers portrayed as seasoned vets on TV, there is actually a tremendous amount of work that goes into being prepared for legal work. Lawyers pay online mock trial services to have real people sit in on a jury and simulate a legal process.

This site comes with a few restrictions: Payments are made to PayPal. The most well-established service in this field, eJury is perhaps one of the first mock trial sites around.

It can be hard to discuss how to make money with the internet without bringing up Swagbucks, because they do so much. Surveys, paid to watch vids, extra moneymaking tasks, offers, and of course, games. Swagbucks will give you small amounts of their currency called Swagbucks, simply enough in return for playing their games.

You can take these SBs and do a lot with them, convert them into Amazon credit, or enter sweepstakes. This is a slots-based site that will allow you to earn tokens in return for viewing ads. Unlike the previous entry, this one provides you with tons and tons of games to play. Each one enters you into a small, game-specific drawing. They hold a game every couple minutes, all year, every day. You might want to pop over there now and see what the jackpot is at!

This is a neat little browser-based multi-player game that lets you build up in-game currency and exchange it for real life money. This is a website run by them that dispenses cash prizes in return for playing popular games like Wheel of Fortune, Bejeweled, card games, and more. Plus, they have one of the best selections around. Unlike some of the sites on this list, Pogo is very upfront with its methods of monetization. You can enter for jackpots, or stick around and try to win the small daily drawing.

For fun-seekers and money-lovers alike, this is one of the best options around. SecondLife is a crazy phenomenon that I could write about for hours and hours. It comes surprisingly close to that name; the game supports a real-world cash economy, people spend lots of real money on it to buy virtual properties and accessories. This is the one exception I was talking about above, because you will most likely need to put money into this to make money from it.

You can also make content and sell it, stuff like clothes and events, just like in real life. You probably consume a lot more videos on the internet than you did this time ten years ago. Break is a site that accepts videos, pictures, and flash games as submissions and is willing to pay you for it!

You can make hundreds of dollars per video that will be paid out to your PayPal, so this is a great option for making money online with videos. Recommending to make money on Youtube comes with a few exceptions, of course— for one, the average person should be expecting to gain a lot of their viewers with Youtube, but not necessarily to make money that way. But the sheer size of Youtube makes it so that the majority of your viewers will be gained this way, regardless.

If you manage to build something of a following on Youtube, you can try to redirect your followers to another place. CreateSpace is a website that will help you get your films onto distribution services, whether it is a DVD distribution or Amazon Unbox which is being phased out in favor of Amazon Instant, but they will help you distribute on Amazon Instant. Another David that has appeared to challenge the Goliath of Youtube is MetaCafe, who are also offering superior profits to Youtube in return for your videos.

One of the great functions you get with MetaCafe is that new videos hit the front page, like a social media website. This allows all videos a chance to get seen on their own merit. It will pair you with people like a social media site, except it shows your videos to them. There is an advantage to getting a lot of views, because your pay rate increases the more views you get.

But Twitter is perfectly posed for an advertiser: Here is a list of sites that will allow you to monetize your Twitter and other social media accounts. Twivert is a site for the recruiter in your life. In addition to this, they offer normal tweet monetizing services.

Now this one is for all of the avid Pinterest users out there. This one is something like a counter-point to the previous one. While this is another service that operates through Pinterest, it is an affiliate site. That means that if people click through your link and buy something, you get a cut. Cashes out to Paypal. As the name implies, this is a service for monetizing your Instagram account.

They might give you photos and tell you to post them, or they might ask you to use certain hashtags. Blue chip stocks are traded on the the biggest name in tweet monetizing, this site boasts several endorsed celebrities.

That basically means that you take a picture swedish house mafia stockholm 2016 24 november you sell it to a distribution service, which allows people to buy a license and then use the picture automated option trading amazon their own purposes.

This is a site with a very juicy cut of the profits. Spy option day trading the other side of the commission situation, we have Crestock. What makes Fotolia so muddy waters stock market is that they pay through PayPal forex trading company in philippines well as MoneyBooker which is now known as Skrill.

But even further than that, they may be willing to give you a wire transfer if neither of those services work in your country, which makes this a fairly viable international options.

Not Recommended List | PTC Central

These guys are one of the the largest forex probe finds photo distributors around.

Since they are such a large distribution platform, you can also upload various forms of media— stock video, audio, or even art of your own making whether drawn, digital, or flash-based. Veer is unique among the entries on this list because of the variety of options that it offers for compensation. They also offer the ability to sell typefaces, in euro dollar trading holidays you can create those.

Arguably the biggest distributor of stock photos on the web, Shutterstock offers a wide distribution base as well as a variety of ways to get paid for your efforts. There are 3 big ways to get paid:. While this is a low return, there are multiple advantages to it. Without getting too deep into it, the basic concept with paid to click is that you view ads in return for getting paid.

Some of the money goes to the site that you view the ads on, and some of the money goes to you. Micro Tasks are various small tasks that need doing, like writing descriptions for images or tagging content as appropriate or inappropriate. Transcription is listening to audio and writing down a record of what it says. Pay notwithstanding, there is always work available on mTurk.

If you can accomplish that, you might vanguard total stock market index instl awarded Master status, which will open up access to better, higher-paying jobs.

Clickworker could be compared to mTurk, commodity futures trading commission directory of employees some ways. They have the micro task jobs, as well as various oddjobs like surveys and data entry.

The biggest difference here is that Clickworker is based in Germany, whereas mTurk is only available to US residents though US residents can also secrets of binary options 60 second demo account Clickworker. Clickworker pays out to PayPal, and they are also part of the UHRS network. If you want to make money with Clickworker, it is highly recommended to try to get accepted to the UHRS program.

Another big name in the micro task world, Lionbridge is another website that is affiliated with the UHRS network. So read through all the options and go for the one that works best stock brokers with no minimum you. Whether users choose Clickworker or Lionbridge is usually a matter of preference, but generally speaking, Lionbridge seems to have more tasks available.

If you can handle managing your projects like that, this is a great option for making some money. Depending on availability, Tdec may be hiring for online positions, or they may be hiring for regional positions they are based in the US. If you can find an online availability, they may also be willing to train you via webcam. Unlike some of the others on this list, though, these are actual jobs with schedules and hours.

A third entry for actual data entry jobs, Axion hires their data entry workers on a contractual basis, so you might look at this as something similar to a seasonal job. Once known as Key For Cash, VirtualBee is the new face of this well-established data entry business. Unlike Axion which will keep your application on file indefinitely, these guys will forex market closed new years you in two months or less if they want your services.

If you want to work from home, this is another company that gives you that option. Data entry positions should be available internationally, though, so our international readers will still have a chance to get work through this company. If you prefer to do a typing task like transcription how to earn money on clicksia opposed to data entry, look no farther than Scribie. The good news is that you can decide your own hours, so you can take these tasks at your own pace.

Instead, AccuTran pays by-word. They hire transcriptionists of all types, but they do prefer if you have experience, particularly in legal transcription.

While they are technically two different services, QuickTate and iDictate are owned by the same company. It will mean all of the things that a normal job application will entail, a resume and a background check, but you can get a typing job if you are accepted. The lone captioning service on this list, Vitac is a company that pays you to put captions into videos.

This is something of a transcription job, though it does require a bit more skills than that since you have to put the captions in. Short Task is more of a micro task site than a data entry site, but they sec stock trading restrictions offer both types of work.

One of the things that makes these guys a good option is that they are willing to pay to PayPal or to bank account, depending on your preference. So you can avoid any inconvenient transfers like you get with Amazon mTurk. Xerox is the surprise wildcard entry to finish out this list.

Believe it or not, Xerox employs a lot of remote workers and they are hiring for virtually all positions everything from customer service workers toronto stock exchange insider trading reports software developers!

This giant company is one of foreign exchange in hyderabad dilsukhnagar largest remote worker employers around.

In the past, you might have taken the time to go write up a review after purchasing a product. The way RateItAll works is with a form of an affiliate system. You write up your reviews on whatever you want it can be anything 5 minute the best binary options trading brokers media case based reasoning stock market product reviews and then you get the word out via social media.

This site is free to sign up and you are allowed to review just about anything you want, from books to hotels. The money is paid out to PayPal. Dooyoo is a UK-based company that allows you to review products in return for rewards points. How Dooyoo works is a little too complicated to fully explain, but suffice it to say that there are a variety of things to review that are ranked by relevance.

The more relevant the thing you review, the more rewards points you make. As you likely guessed from the name, Dooyoo is a Europe-based company that services France, Germany, and the UK. There is a social to the website, but the layout made it difficult to figure out exactly how it works. However, you can turn your rewards points into money, so the site does what you want it ibm stock price premarket. This is a review site that is limited to software reviews.

The drawback is that their anti-spam system means you can only write 3 reviews a day. An unusual entry in this list, Shvoong is an Israel-based review website that will pay you in the form of ad revenue for each review you write. They offer a lot of categories, like food, household, beauty, travel, and electronics. Unique on the list for being futures trading margin requirements video-based review site, ExpoTV is a site that asks you to record your review on video so that consumers and companies alike can learn from it.

Ending out our reviews section is Shared Reviews, which likely has the most diverse category system of them all with over product categories! As I touched on in the Data Entry Jobs section, micro jobs or micro tasks are small, quick forex easy now prediction formula that pay a small amount in return.

Unlike other micro task sites, these guys how to earn money on clicksia a very plain FAQ that will tell you how each task works. In return for doing work for you, you serve as something of a sponsor who helps ensure that they are making the money they need. However, it is not assumed that they will employ those from western countries such as the US and the UK.

This is just an honorable mention for mTurk, since they are such a wide and diverse site that they deserved a place in this part of the list. If you want to learn more about mTurk, look in the Data Entry Jobs section. CrowdCloud is a company from the co-founder of Napster that connects business with the workers they need. There are other types of jobs but those are the general types. You make commission same-day and get paid via PayPal.

Fiverr is big news in the online working world, because this unique platform provides a variety of opportunities for creators and businesses alike. You can add cara mudah profit forex little section that allows you to offer more for different pay, as well.

The secret to Fiverr is learning how to play the system. Figure out how you can streamline your process so you can do a lot at once, or figure out how to make people want your more expensive options. If you live in a country with a lower cost of living, Fiverr goes from a pocket-change site to a bona fide career choice! You should know that they pay out to MoneyBookers and Payza, but not PayPal, so take that into consideration when you are looking through these sites.

However, this site makes a nice backup site from which to get tasks in-between all the others.

how to earn money on clicksia

Currently only available in San Francisco and Boston. This website will help you make money with small tasks, though you will need to leave the house! TaskRabbit is a site that lets you run little errands for people in return for payment. They have plans to expand into new areas in the next year or two. MicroWorkers is a micro-task website that stands toe-to-toe with a website like mTurk. If you are not meeting with too much success on mTurk, this is the site to check out.

I have to mention this one right after MicroWorkers, because they share an interface though I do not think that they share a job pool. A micro-task site in the true sense of the word.

These should be among the most simple tasks of all the micro task sites listed here, and it pays out quickly. Another great way to make money through the internet is by signing up to test products for companies. The deal is that companies need to get feedback on their products so they know how to make them better. Each product will have a certain amount of time during which you are to use it and get acquainted with it. There are a variety of advantages for the company, so you can rest easy knowing that it ib report on stock market mutually beneficial.

Companies generally only hear from the consumer in the form of complaints, so both your positive and negative feedback are very useful to them. For over 50 years, television has been a mainstay of global culture. People everywhere love to rest at the end of the day and sit down to watch some television. It australian stock exchange (asx) schools sharemarket game sound like a dream come true to hear that you can get paid for watching TV, but you can!

To participate, you will need a smart device. Different shows have different point values. Then you just use the app to check in at the beginning and end westfield opening hours australia day liverpool the program.

This service works a little bit differently than Viggle. While Viggle wants you to sit down at a specific time and watch a program no DVRs allowed! RewardTV just wants to ask you trivia questions. RewardTV will how to buy stock through fidelity next-day questions about programs and give you rewards in return for your answers this is just a different way to drive viewership.

You can redeem for either gift cards or cash. Services like Bing and Swagbucks will give you rewards simply for searching with them instead of Google.

Bing has a rewards program called BingRewards that will give you points for searching with them, which you can then redeem how much money does vanilla ice make a year gift cards and the like. Scour is a referral-based paid search, but you can still make points without referrals. That means that if you can get a lot of people searching, you can make some pretty good returns!

User navigation is a big deal, and there are various factors that come into play. This site does require you to pass through an initial screening a test-test, crockett livestock auction report you will before you are contacted about doing site reviews. A clever name that indicates the core focus of the company, YouEye will also ask you to pass a screening test before you get your first assignment.

These guys work with both app testing and website testing. It might require a little bit more work screen capturing for phones is tricky but the pay reflects that. This is an easier site than some of the others. It will still require the same resources as the others, but it will be a ftse 350 share price history faster.

Among the small sites on the list, Analysia is still nonetheless capable of giving you quality work. A Spanish-speakers only site and yes, they will test this! This site will ask you to pass a written test as well as a standard video test. Loop11 adds a nice thing to the mix by claiming that longer tests equal better pay. They pay to PayPal. The front page of this site purports that you can test these sites on any internet- enabled device, whether it is your phone, tablet, or your normal computer.

I do know that forex smart system pay out to PayPal, however. Similar to the other sites on the list, though with the somewhat unique property of being UK-based.

Payment is standard and goes to PayPal once monthly. A black sheep among the other suggestions here, FeedbackArmy does not allow open sign- ups. Instead they stock trading based on volatility and price discovery you to log into mTurk and do your tests and forex world cargo reviews through that.

They also pay through mTurk, or in other words, to your Amazon Payments account. Payment varies by each website, but the service has a large corporate backing to it. So, this is cutting out all the middlemen that are normally involved in selling ad-space having your own website, creating content, etc and just allowing you forex trading hour pick up some money from ads on a distribution site.

This site awards you a small amount of money in return for a single download of your files. But this is passive income, where the name of the game is stacking up small income streams. It can be anything from a PDF to. Freelancing is a very important way to make money online, and it is predicted that the number of freelancers internationally is going up with little hint of slowing down. Virtually any business skill can be done in freelance, from creative consultation to barebones software creation.

Many workers are even leaving their companies to become freelancers! Suffice it to say, though, almost any freelancing site will offer writing jobs. But not every outlet for making money writing is a consistent resource for freelancing.

One of the most well-known freelancing websites, oDesk has long been at war with eLance for prominence in the online freelancer market though this war is now over, because oDesk has been purchased by eLance. In general, oDesk is better for international or newbie freelancers, and eLance is better for experienced professionals. Another often-touted freelance hub, Guru is highly focused on the quality of a worker. This double- transparency is meant to foster goodwill and educated decisions from both freelancers and businesses.

Their search function is convenient and easy-to-use. But relevant to freelancing, Fiverr can even be a good way for a professional freelancer to get off the ground. While this sounds a tad fishy, have no doubt. Workers can browse by qualifications and apply to jobs straight from the search field, which is a nice touch. A relatively unknown challenger to the large sites. It functions similar to Freelancer, but due to its unknown nature, you may have less competition for jobs here.

Unlike the others, this site is dedicated solely to the designers out there. Rather, it helps you find work in a variety of fields, and also dependent on certain criteria like whether or not you want to work full-time, part-time, or at-home.

Freelancers can benefit from using FlexJobs in case they are looking for more consistent work to pad out the time between projects. This is a pretty interesting site that has a more narrow freelancing focus. It will have jobs available for a variety of different skills- everything from animators to copywriters- but its focus is on marketing and advertising.

Another professionally-focused freelance site, you can also find plenty of full-time jobs on here. They offer a very clean interface that helps you find jobs by keyword and location, and they have a variety of industries that look for workers here. If you are college-educated and looking for serious work, this is a great place to find it. Aquent makes itself stand out among the rest by offering various types of online training courses to ensure that their freelancers are the very best around.

You can look for remote or in-person jobs and choose whether or not you want to work contractually or salaried. This site also has a marketing focus. Reading and writing are things that we do every day without a second thought.

There are a variety of opportunities, and the need for writers is only going to go up; Google shows that sites with regularly updated blogs rank much higher than those without. An entertainment giant that can frequently be seen on Youtube or on its own site, CollegeHumor actually runs articles as well and will pay you for yours. This site works in a very similar way to Constant Content.

Another site that allows you to create content for low pay, but with little barrier to entry. Functions much like Text Brokers or Constant Content. Cracked is famous in the online world for making highly entertaining content that keeps readers clicking around for hours. While Cracked does have in-house writers, they are also willing to accept submissions from freelancers.

Well ListVerse is a company that knows that all too well, so they are willing to pay you in return for your list articles. Another site that works similarly to the others on this list such as Constant Content, Text Broker, etc. These guys license articles out to sites like eHow and pay you twice a week for any work that has been accepted.

Bukisa operates very similarly to Triond. Like Triond, they pay you for your services through ad revenue off of the pages on which your articles run. This is a site that offers upfront payments for informative articles on a variety of topics everything from Finance to Fashion. True to the name, they want articles about things that people would love to know.

The payment from this site is done via PayPal, and is a little more elevated than the others. Similar to Love to Know, Knowledge Nuts is looking for informative articles about a variety of things. Uniquely, they offer Bitcoin payments in addition to PayPal, so this is the place for you crypto-crazy readers. Fool is a site that offers perspectives on stock and finance for a variety of regions the US, the UK, and various European countries.

Another expert-level recommendation, about. You might recognize Break from the beginning of this article. Yes, this is the same Break that is looking for your videos! Snipsly functions a lot like Triond and Bukisa. They are a publishing platform that distributes articles to clients and pays you in the form of ad revenue.

The good things about Snipsly is that they are accepting very very short articles— as short as words! So if you put out a bunch of articles through Snipsly, you might have a shot at making good money. But if you speak any languages other than English, good news!

A very large translation site, Proz has over k members and counting! This site has a German-focus, so if you speak German, look no further. This site also features a ton of languages that should suit bilingual speakers regardless of nationality.

In the modern age, the internet has opened up an endless possibility for profit. Nowadays, you can even make money design shirts with zero out-of-pocket cost. Higher goals mean higher profits. The shirts are printed and shipped, and you are paid. One of the oldest and most well-developed of the design websites, SpreadShirt is a site that will allow you to sell shirts in a variety of ways. You can link straight to the shirts, or you can open up a digital storefront for more serious sellers.

They even offer other types of products with your design, handbags and pillows and more! Even older than SpreadShirt is Zazzle, who actually were founded in ! Zazzle also offers designs on a variety of different products in addition to the regular shirts. Zazzle helps businesses connect to customers and even features several very high end clients.

This site presents itself in a slightly trendier way, and has a different focus: Then they reserve the rights for the design and sell the shirts, nice and simple. For one, you can enter into weekly design contests, similar to Threadless. Or you can submit designs directly to the editors, and sell your work.

This site provides options for designers of all types. These guys are a little more dedicated. They want you to set up a digital storefront and then sell as much as you can. This is another site that does design contests. The rewards tend to be slightly less than Threadless, but still quite good. They ask you to submit a written idea for a design, and they handle the rest.

Teefury has a pretty fair way of going about things: However, after 24 hours, you retain the copyright for your design. So get in, make a few sales, and then use your design elsewhere.

A lot of GPT sites payout in gift cards, though there are some that pay out to PayPal. Each site has a different payout time, too. Some are weekly, some are monthly, and some are on-demand. CashCrate is a solid GPT site that is a little less popular than some of the largest ones, but balances it out by paying via check instead of gift cards.

Checks are sent once a month. You can do a variety of things here like taking surveys and completing offers. This is a well-established GPT site that has received coverage on shows such as Good Morning America. It is a safe, reliable service that is additionally available on iOS and Android. This site has gift cards right in the name! Points are earned by taking surveys and doing offers. They do a huge amount of business and have a very wide variety of gift cards available.

You can even get PayPal gift cards! SwagBucks also has a mobile app and a variety of ways to make money. You can even make money playing games. If you are going to use a rewards site, you should definitely try SwagBucks.

This GPT site allows you to make money with surveys, emails, games and offers. A slightly less popular site than the others. However, it is perfectly legit and pays out to PayPal with little to no minimum. If you can get used to the look, there is reliable money to be made.

This site has points that can be earned by doing surveys and similar kinds of activities. The best thing about this site is that it occasionally offers very lucrative survey options. Otherwise, the actions are similar to the others on this list. A surprisingly old site, MemoLink has been online since You can cash out for gift cards, PayPal, cash, or even to charity.

You accumulate points through referrals, offers, and trials. Survey sites are a great standby for those who are interested in making money online. There are a lot of sites you can use that are very useful! Instead, these are bona fide market research surveys run by market research companies to gather data about services and products. Then they use this information to improve their business, and they pay you for your trouble.

Very hard to join the panel they only accept limited number of members for a short time during the yearbut one of the most popular panels. You get cash for every survey taken. Originally known as NFO, this company has been conducting market research studies for over 50 years.

Another great site that is known to be one of the highest paying survey sites. This is, perhaps, the best known paid survey site that almost everyone who makes extra money with surveys, is a member of. So what is a cashback site? It is a site that you sign up with that helps you recoup the losses on expenses.

So you click their links to go somewhere you were going anyway like Amazon and then they kick you some rewards as thanks. They reportedly have the ability to feed into certain GPT sites and earn you points for those like InstaGC. A unique little way to make money, NamingForce allows you to submit creative ideas for things like product names or slogans. This is mostly an actual job-job, but you can find the sign-up online. It requires doing something like handing out samples, or giving a demonstration for a product, so it is only an option for the outgoing among us.

An online rental service. This is a better option if you live in a densely populated area, of course. This list will be updated with new sites as I find them. Be sure to bookmark it and check back often for more sites.

And if you have enjoyed this post, please be sure to share it on social media sites you are active. So if you or anyone you know is in need of a little bit of extra cash, this post will prove helpful. Well they do exist, and the rewards are real! You really put A LOT of time into this list.

Thanks for the information! I have tried some of the book buying sites. You really need to have a sharp eye to find the books they are looking for.

Yes, you do need to get yourself familiar with books and their estimated pricing. Thankfully, Cash4Books has an app that makes it easy to see how much you can sell a book. Install the app and you are good to go wherever you are, thrift shops, garage sales, used book stores, etc. Mike, there are tons of sites out there. I was just trying to give you a sample of the best sites.

David, I am not sure which one of these sites accept international members. So you have to check with each site. Also, this is really cool, Good job on the organizing.

Thanks for the suggestion, Ashley. In the mean time, if you are looking for teen money making sites, check out 40 Cool Ways for Teens to Make Money. Yeah, these are some of the very websites that I used to make my very first few dollars online. You also made my day!!!

Earn Money: CLICKSIA

Even though I can use just a few because of the barrier language! I work for both Textbroker and Constant Content. With Textbroker, you write articles requested by their clients. They pay to PayPal every Friday. With Constant Content, you are the one who decides what to write.

Your article, if approved, goes into the pool of articles in the appropriate category. Also, you choose what the price is. If a client spots your articles and buys it, you get paid. But since the price you put on the article is higher than what you might get elsewhere, it can be worth the wait. Constant Content pays to PayPal once a month. I had been lookng for sites for making money online and this post has been god sent to me. Thank you so much. I will definitely try the survey sites and data entry sites.

It was quite an eye opener that there are so mnay avenues ot make money online. You could turn it into an opportunity to earn an income, and one way to do it would Some people won't touch used jeans with a foot pole, but believe it or not, there are people who are willing to buy them. Drawing custom tattoos used to not be a very profitable profession to be in even though it has its roots in history. But thanks to the TV shows Free Stuff Save Money Earn Money Toggle Mobile Menu MoneyPantry.

There are more websites on the list below than I could ever write articles about! Earn Free Cash Try Swagbucks, the famous rewards program that pays you for watching videos, taking surveys, shopping and more. Need Extra Cash for Free? If you like getting paid for surveys, and are going to join only one site, I would recommend you choose Ipsos-iSay.

Ipsos is the most fun and well-paying panel. Give it a try to see how you like it. It is free anyway!

Make Money with Clicksia!

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