How to earn money sfimg

How to earn money sfimg

Author: Bairto230 On: 24.05.2017

If you not a SFImember please click this banner to Signup then come back to learn how to earn money with SFI. If you are already a SFI member, Join the S Builder-coop. Introduction When I started with "SFI" I was lost and delivered to myself, I thought it would be impossible to earn significant income.

I had no marketing education or marketing strategy. However, some time later I found an online tips that explained how to begin your SFI business. I will share with you the basic principals how to begin your SFI buiness, how to have Affiliates, and other SFI Tips.

Established users may find some of the information trivial, but new SFI members will find most of the data critical to their success. Getting Started To translate languages, we recommend:. Reach EA2 status or Team Leader status and maintain it every month. Make a Standing order to maintain EA2 status. Placing a Standing order sometimes causes fear to new affiliates and causes them to quit.

To remove this fear, just think it this way. From this point you are running your SFI business for FREE. Here is the Big Income. I emphasize the word duplicate because it is very important that you show your affiliates what should be done by doing it first yourself. This means that you cannot ask your affiliates to do what you yourself is not willing to do.

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Below is an illustration how the power of duplication can give you the BIG INCOME. You can get this BIG INCOME from matching VP if you reach Team Leader status minimum is Bronze Team Leader BTL. You can easily reach BTL status by applying the SIMPLE PLAN presented below. This is only considering up to Gen 6 of your affiliates, remember that you can earn up to Gen 12 depending on your Team Leader status. Combining this simple facts with the Simple Plan below will assure you with a big SUCCESS in SFI.

How do I get started? If you have not already signup for SFI, click on any of the SFI banners within the guide or Signup Here. This SFI guide is not only educational, but also a tool I developed to help all SFI users.

Something to think about If you have Affiliates but they are uneducated about SFI and quit, you won't make money! My goal is to help you acquire ACTIVE SFI Affiliates. Typically, educated affiliates are active affiliates! After you have signed up, continue to Part 3. During the first month, you are not eligible for win Affiliates Versapoint. For example you sign up on the 15th of the month that means that you still have 15 days for a 30 days month left to reach you EA status. Example , if you have 15 days multiply it with 11VP then it will give you VP.

That means you need VP to reach your EA status. Remember that if you completed VP within your first 24 hrs of signing up in SFI you will get a bonus of additional VP for becoming a SFI Fast Track member. You will also get your Fast Track member badge.

Just complete the task in your VP Ledger that will give you the needed number of VP for your EA Status. You can reserve the other task VP for your Second month. Make sure also to log in and complete your Daily Task so you can get the required number of VP from your Daily Task.

how to earn money sfimg

By doing this simple plan, you can be sure that you will accomplish your goal. Additional goal is to READ and LEARN about the system of SFI. Participate daily in the Daily Grand Draw for a chance to win the Daily Grand Prize. GOAL 1 - BECOME Executive Affiliate" EA" TIP: Earn Versapoints 1. Earn VP in the first 24 hours so you can get bonus VP. Make your tabs opportunities daily. Set monthly goals before Review your page tConnect. Complete your membership profile.

Sign up as a member A2A. Send a message Commitment SFI sponsor. Shares Daily Weekly, monthly to do the rest. Compute the VP that you can get from your Daily Task. For Example , if the current month is a 30 days month that means that you can get VP from your daily Task. This will vary depending on the task you complete during your first month. If not then you can do your Weekly Task whichever is available.

I see on the SFI website, a lot of useful suggestions about how to qualify as EA or EA2 without investing any money at all.

how to earn money sfimg

So, as I am one of the last to arrive in this wonderful SFI business, I think my suggestions about this same matter would be totally superfluous. I really mean a lot of money, not just a few hundred dollars per month.

Because I think that in order to get and hold, the great motivation we need to succeed in this business, we really need to be perfectly aware that SFI Business will change substantially our lives. In a few words we need to think big. If it were just for making normal money, we could look for a normal job.

How could we be excited, fired up, just thinking about making a few tens or hundreds of dollars per month?

SFIMG START MAKING MONEY online , and get payed to your payoneer mastercard, free and easy

So the question is: Nevertheless, in my opinion, at least a few tens of dollars per month need to be invested. Because what you actually want is to make BIG money to really enjoy your life. So, what do you need to achieve this perfectly achievable goal?

ECA Royalties, Direct Sales, SFIPPA Pay Per Action and SFI contests. But here the good news is what you can also read in the earnings calculator: This is Fantastic if you consider that part of the SFI business, is tripleclicks. And it is YOUR Store! It may be ambitious to reach Bronze Team Leader Status in your Third month or Fourth month but it can be done. This is considering that you already find at least 3 PSA that will also maintain their EA2 status.

The easiest way to maintain your EA2 Status is to place a VP standing order I will recommend that you get the TCredits Standing order. You can use the TCredits to advance your status to Team Leader Status. Below is a simple plan to help you earn VP. Assuming you already have 3 PSA that will maintain EA2 status VP TOTAL ACTION VP VP SALES VP: For every bid you make you will get 1 VP and 5 MRP. To receive the full benefit of being a Team Leader you should also comply with the other requirements.

The next important thing that you should do is to find PSA that will duplicate this plan.

Join S Builder-Coop What is it? S-Builder is our new, international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all SFI affiliates, giving you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares. Just as a small fire produces little heat, small actions produce small results. With S-Builder, you can turn up the heat as hot as you want and propel your business forward. Less than a daily cup of coffee! No longer is a lack of time or marketing experience a roadblock to success with SFI.

With S-Builder, you can simply plug in to our global advertising co-op and within a few weeks begin receiving sign-ups both SFI affiliates and TC members. That means that for just 72 cents a day, you can be building a residual income stream for you and your family. Indeed, S-Builder is one of most economical ways to build an online business ever! Always be at least 1,VP before the end of each current month to be always in the income level.

Buy at least 1 unit of S-Builder to acquire at least personally sponsored affiliates or downlines and encourage them to do the same thing i am telling you take note that every time a PSA will buy at tripleclicks. Always support your PSA or CSA on how to run SFI business.

Be open with their comments and questions to stimulate their enthusiasm towards SFI 2nd option 1. Check out top leader board last month to view the targeted VP you should earn to be in the top leader board take note that every time your CSA will buy in tripleclicks.

how to earn money sfimg

Be open with their comments and questions to stimulate their enthusiasm towards SFI. Engage in the auction for 50CSAs to CSAs pricebenders at tripleclicks. The thing is if you win, you get freshly and newly enrolled CSAs who are eager to do the business. That's all it has to be done. The first time i saw SFI i was as confused as you are.


Option 2 is better. This is a business. You put more CAPITAL you get more PROFIT. IF YOU ARE HESITANT OF MY ADVICE, Try doing 1 option first, If you have already observed its pros and cons, Its the time for you to do the BIG time. First and foremost, when you obtain a new affiliate, my best advice is to advise them to reach VP and keep the rest of the once-off ACTION VP for the next month and possibly some for the following month.

That way they will be able to become EA2 by the second month easily. It is also recommended to use the Launch Pad lessons as they were designed, one a day for a month, that way you are guaranteed 15VP per day plus 11VP for Daily Action VP. The other advantage is that you can absorb more learning absorbing bite size pieces of information on what SFI is all about. Make sure you train your affiliates to earn their Daily Action VP by accessing each Red-Lettered tab on the homepage.

Exceptions are - the Alert, AskSC and WinIt Tabs. Alert tab - this is good to follow the latest News about SFI and also the latest discussion threads on SFI Forum - these in themselves are golden nuggets and one can learn a lot from them.

AskSC - one needs to vote for 10 Answers before receiving 1VP, if you vote for 30 Answers you receive an extra entry into the WinIt!

All other tabs have to be read through to the bottom of the page and then click on the blue button to receive your VP for that page. The Goals tab is a little different, one has to put in a comment of what one has done that day to achieve the goals that are set at the top of the page - the comment is entered at the bottom of the page and submitted once the Submit button has been clicked. Back to how to help the affiliates lacking funds. Another way to encourage them is to advise them to find 10 other p eople who share the same vision of SFI and get them to reach VP each month, like they themselves did, and after the second month of reaching EA2, as their sponsor, they will earn VP ACTION - for every affiliate who reaches EA2.

If all 10 affiliates reach EA2, there is VP ACTION points and they will have about VP collected over the month from the Daily Action points and Weekly Action points, together with the Monthly Action points.

Regarding Getting Started Actions, Intermediate Actions and Advanced Actions, use these sparingly and treat them like gold. This way if you are frugal and calculate when you need to use them to add to your goal of VP per month, you will be able to achieve EA for possibly 3 consecutive months. In this time, it would be wise to start finding as many people as possible so you can get your 10 dedicated people who will be your team that will provide the needed VP ACTION points, added to your own VP ACTION points you've earned, that you need to qualify each month.

After becoming EA I was doubtful if I could continue with the SFI program.. First, encourage the new affiliate that even though they don't have any funds, they can still earn the needed VersaPoints if they are willing to spend the time to do it. They can earn earn 11 VP a day for doing their daily actions not including VP for bids which is VP for the month.

So far, that is VP leaving VP left to earn. The rest of the VP can be earned by: They can win 2 T Credits a day by entering T-time once every hour at https: There are T-time winners a day. Since they are not also affiliates, any purchases they make not only gives the affiliate VP from it but also earn them a commission. Encourage them to enter the Daily Grand each day they log in and received at least 10 VP the day before. Also, provide them with any helpful links for marketing.

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Remind them that the more they work on their SFI business, the more it will grow. It takes time but with hard work and perseverance, they can succeed. There are many different ways to help a new affiliate, that is cash strapped, to get VersaPoints.

I would ask them to write out all the expenses they have and keep track of every cent that they spend for 30 days. Then they should go through this list and determine if they can find some extra money by making some changes that would enable them to do this.

See if there is anything that they could sell, through TripleClicks, to raise some cash to use for SFI. If they have a little money, I would recommend that they purchase some TCredits which would help them to raise some MRP that would help them to buy some products. Let them know that they need to be completing their To Do List everyday to utilize all the points available there.

First month will be easy to get the needed VP to become EA but the second month onward will be very challenging specially if they have no funds. Honestly, its quite impossible to maintain EA without buying from TripleClicks starting from second month. They will not only earn direct commission but also the VP assigned to the item they sold. If they can not sell to PRM, tell them that its alright if they can not reach EA yet, what they need to do is just continue to earn their free daily VP and intensify their efforts in finding affiliates PSA.

Encourage them to identify potential affiliates from among their network of relationships who turn active and start buying from TripleClicks. They need to earn as early as possible. Next, still part of intensified efforts to find affiliates, they should learn how to promote their gateways to different social media and to free ads posting sites. There will a point in time that you will need to assist them financially so that they jump-start their SFI business.

You do this if they already have active affiliates. Helping them financially when they don't have active affiliates is a waste of resources. It will not do any good for both of you, because it will just be a temporary solution and not sustainable. Just one last word, be sure to know if they don't really have the fund or they don't just want to invest and what they want is to depend on you.

I understand the concept of having no money! In the world economy today we have to learn to be wise with where we spend or put our money.. However, there are things that you can do to earn more VP and become EA: First of all make sure that you and your team are all doing your daily points everyday..

Secondly , enter contests. The first one to enter is the T-time, it costs you nothing but 20 seconds and the effort of 3 mouse clicks.

Second make sure after doing your daily points and Ask SC you enter the Daily Grand drawing.. The other one you can enter is the TripleClicks PTP Pick the Price.. Also pay attention to your Upline's leadership page for any contests or promotions they may have going.

Remember that you get VP for all purchases unless MRP are used and for each bid on auctions. Don't forget to promote your business.. Hope this gives you some ideas and helps keep you moving along in your business. If you are still struggling don't forget to contact your upline they may be able to help you also! How to support the new affiliates get the versa points in second month if he does not have the funds, namely: Encourage affiliate activities that have a Versa Points Encourage affiliates do activities which had points such as: Encourage affiliate activities generating income who could trade off product of his friends, a reference to his friend make a purchase over the referral he, join the program PPA 3.

Give TCredits can help trouble he gets points in second month. The more often he joined T-Time contests, the greater chance he has got two TCredits, the results of which can be to join an auction or PTP 5. Encourages affiliates participated in PTP. Encourage affiliates to follow PTP.

He has had the opportunity to join the PTP got 25 TCredits or TCredits if predictions right.

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Recruit downline is crucial. Can recruit friends, family or doing free advertising through media promotion That's the things that we can do to support affiliates without funds reaching the status of EA in the second month. If successful the affiliate reaches the EA in the second month, it will facilitate the achievement of the EA in the next month. The best way to support a new affiliate from the second month in gaining needed VersaPoints is to encourage.

Offer advice how to duplicate you. There are many ways to increase VersaPoints without any funds. Usually, the affiliates are given TCredits for entering the "Daily Grand" contest every day. If the affiliate enters the T-Time Contest they will also earn TCredits and other prizes for winning. If they have items to sell for money on the ECA Website, this is a great way to earn cash and VP Points. If they do not have anything to sell, they can "Share" other's items and when other's buy from the ECA Sellers, a commission, called a referral commission would also be given to whoever referred others to items that sell in the ECA Sales.

If they have no funds, be sure they at least have a vehicle. It would not make sense to help someone without a vehicle to get a sticker to put on their vehicle. When their eBook arrives, they may become an ECA and sell the same eBook to others to make back the investment, and continue to earn by using the resale rights.

Also, SFI has many flyers that may be printed out and placed at laundrymats, supermarkets, church bullitan boards, at college dorm areas, at the library, to others without funds that also wish to sell their items. The more free advertising, the better chances to put people on their team that can also learn how to make money with SFI without money to invest. Additionally, you may hold contests that encourage your teammembers to EARN gift certificates from you. Whoever gets the most team members winns this, just for doing the daily to-do-list, every day for the month they may get rewarded.

Just be sure you are HELPING this person EARN VersaPoints, and not DOING IT FOR THEM. If you worked at a hourly job, and they just got hired and you worked there longer so make more than they did Would you feel bad they did not work long enough with the company Or would you just give away the money you earned and work FOR THEM?

Be sure you are HELPING them earn and not doing it for them. It will make you have to work that much harder every month, and will not even help them or you IF you teach them how to start out with no money and succeed, they will also learn to teach others how to do this, too.

Why would you want someone on your team that is not earning VP on their own? This will continue to happen if you let it. Advertising for free, entering the hourly T-Time Contests, entering the Daily Grand Contest, sending others to buy their favorite items just by sharing it will help them eventually be able to buy their favorite items, too.

Also, be sure they are reading the SC Question and answer board, and always rating 30 answers, before they enter the Daily Grand Contests to make their chances of winning that much greater. Be sure they always post and share with you their goals. SFI helps even those without any funds to earn money.

The reason you are their TEAM LEADER is by showing them by example, encouraging them, offering them advice, showing them many ways they may achieve their goals. If they have no funds, I am sure they know others that wish to make money with SFI, too. Maybe they will even find some ECA's that own a business.

The most important thing is to continue reading and rating the SC Section, ask their question in the forum to see what others did to achieve their goals, read the LaunchPad, for the first 30 days, if they didn't get to read them all.

Visit the to-do-list every day, too Be friendly and helpful to others that they can share with others the knowledge you have as their team leader to share. SFI FORUM More Info: Original design by Blogging Secret Sponsored by Premium WordPress Themes Ads Theme Blogger Template.

This guide is for SFI members. If you not a SFImember please click this banner to. Signup then come back to learn how to earn money with SFI.

When I started with "SFI" I was lost and delivered to myself, I thought it would be impossible to earn significant income. How much money can I make? Feel free to explore SFI website ,. READ and LEARN all the useful information that you can find. Become an Executive Affiliate EA and remain an EA every month Recruit five affiliates Teach your five affiliates to do these same three steps. MONTHLY VP Rate your Sponsor 10 VP Setting your goal 5 VP For VP SO VP.

WEEKLY VP Sending Team email VP Visiting TC connect page 20 VP Posting Stream Post 12 VP. DAILY VP Completing Daily Task VP For 30 days month Bonus VP per auction Bid VP. Assuming you already have 3 PSA that will maintain EA2 status VP.

TOTAL ACTION VP VP. Max is VP. Be open with their comments and questions to stimulate their enthusiasm towards SFI 2nd option. YOU WILL NOT EARN ANY INCOME UNLESS NO REFERRALS, CSAs OR PSAs. Put this in mind. The only way for those who don't have fund is for them to sell items from TripleClicks outside SFI to.

Personally Referred Member PRM. Encourage affiliate activities that have a Versa Points. Encourage affiliates do activities which had points such as: Encourage affiliate activities generating income. The more often he joined T-Time contests, the greater chance he has got two TCredits, the results of which can be to join an auction or PTP. Can recruit friends, family or doing free advertising through media promotion. That's the things that we can do to support affiliates without funds reaching the status of EA in the second month.

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