Learning money ks2

Learning money ks2

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Money Machine Use the money machine to convert between pounds and pence. Coin Drag A flexible program which enables teachers to manipulate coins with ease.

BBC - KS2 Bitesize Maths - Money : Read

Select the coin required and then click in the white area. A coin will appear which can then be dragged. A bank of templates is provided to aid discussion.

Barclays Money Skills: Key Stage 2 | odomujekadox.web.fc2.com

Count Up What's the total of the coins displayed on screen? The coins displayed are all draggable to aid the counting process. This is a whole class version with no time element. Shopping Spree Discuss the variety of ways to pay for different items. Change Please Select from which coin or note you wish to give change from. Look at the cost of the item bought and the amount tendered on the left of the main game screen.

Money Song for Children UK

Click on the coins at the bottom of the main game screen to give change. Use the arrow button to remove the last coin or the reset button to remove them all.

Free British (UK) money worksheets - counting pence and pounds

Press the check button to see if the correct amount of change has been given. Crazy Cafe Press the large coloured buttons on the Crazy Cafe till and watch the receipt print. Pick and Mix Set up the difficulty settings ranging from easy to mega hard!

Coin Breaker Can you work out what the missing coins are to make the totals displayed in the rows and columns correct? It's easier than it looks! Coin Exchange Exchange one coin for the stated number of smaller coins.

learning money ks2

Then using up to 12 coins give the correct change for the item displayed. Shopping Spree Select how many presents you are going to buy in the set time limit and then hand over the correct amount to buy the present.

Fun Learning Games for Children about UK Money

Money Match Money Match - Match the coins to the correct value Money Match Amounts 2c - 9c - Match the coins to the correct amount Money Match Amounts 10c - 20c - Match the coins to the correct amount. Money Match Challenge As above but with one minute timer Money Match Challenge Money Match Challenge Amounts 2c - 9c Money Match Challenge Amounts 10c - 20c.

Money Grids Find the total of each row and column. Simply click 'Change' to create a completely new worksheet. Mega Money Grid Using a 6 x 6 grid, find the total for each row and column.

Find the totals of the six coins in each row. Mystery Money Grid A 6 x 6 grid worksheet version of the Coin Breaker game. Money Maze Find a route through the maze, from start to finish, that equals the displayed total.

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