How to make a - cash with non-repudiation and anonymity

The innovative utilization of the Internet and other information and communication technologies in the banking sector has created somewhat of an e-banking phenomenon.

E-Banking and Emerging Multidisciplinary Processes: Social, Economical and Organizational Models advances the knowledge and practice of all facets of electronic banking.

This cutting edge publication emphasizes emerging e-banking theories, technologies, strategies, and challenges to stimulate and disseminate information to research, business, and banking communities.

Bitcoin Privacy vs Anonymity

It develops a comprehensive framework for e-banking through a multidisciplinary approach, while taking into account the implications it has on traditional banks, businesses, and economies.

Social, Economical and Organizational Models advances the knowledge and practice of Social, Economical and Organizational Models. Social, Economical and Organizational Models: Efficient Anonymous andNonRepudiationEPayment Protocol.

How to Make E-cash with Non-Repudiation and Anonymity Ronggong Song, Larry Korba Proceedings of the International Conference on Information. - ppt download

Electronic Banking as aStrategy for CustomerService Improvement in theDeveloping Economy. The Case of Persian Gulf Countries.

How To Make A Mint: The Cryptography of Anonymous Electronic Cash

Business Model ofInternet Banks. Toward a ConceptualFramework for Verification andAnalysis of Effective Factorsin Successful Implementationof Electronic Banking. Introduction to Modern BankingTechnology and Management. Application of RFID Technologyin Banking Sector.

He is currently serving as the president at the doctoral education and research center in same university. PNU is a distance education university and mega university in Iran with more than , students.

He holds a PhD in OB management and an MBA and a bachelor degree in business administration from the University of Tehran. In addition to his research in e- entrepreneurship, students trust in virtual universities, e-business, e-commerce, and e-government, he has published several articles and presented several papers on the IT applications in organizations. He has won numerous research, teaching, and administrative awards.

How to make e-cash with non-repudiation and anonymity - Semantic Scholar

In addition to serving as the editor-in-chief of the International Journal of E-Entrepreneurship and Innovation , he is a member of editorial review board of the Journal of Electronic Commerce in Organizations and the Journal of Information Technology Research.

Evolution Challenges and Opportunities. Social, Economical and Organizational Models Advances in Electronic Commerce:

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