Easiest way to get a lot of gold in clash of clans

Are you looking for the easiest and the best way to download Clash Royale PC?

No worries because I am here to help you out. I am going to show you how to do that right now! The software I am going to introduce to you here is Andy, an Android emulator which was built based on Android and Virtualbox.

Well, If you have tried Bluestacks at least once, you can easily notice that it still contains loads of annoying problems, which slow down your computer terribly. I strongly recommend playing Clash Royale on your PC with Andyroid Emulator because: I recommend this software on CRA because it is much better than other ones. I will take this down and write a new post once I have found any better software for Clash Royale players.

First, you need to download Android Emulator. Simply click at the button below or the one we provided at the beginning of this page. At the moment, Andyroid supports most Windows version, from Windows 7 to Windows All you need to do is to make sure your computer satisfies the minimum system requirements:. After downloading, double click on the downloaded file to start installing Andy. The very first screen you will see should be like this:.

Please take a note that this is just an installer. I will automatically download everything needed after you press the Next button. It should be like this right after that:. Once the installing progress is completed, the Andyroid Emulator will start launching automatically. There are also directional buttons here which help you use the Emulator a lot easier!

Click on the Google Play icon, locating at the bottom right of the screen, to download and install Clash Royale.

At the first time opening Google Play Store, it will ask for your Google ID and password in order to download and save your game progress later. As you can see, it asks you to load your game progress because you entered your Google ID at the step 4. Simply click on YES to load your Clash Royale account.

Best Ways to Get Clash Royale Gold - 1 Legendary Card Every Week!

After taking a quick look, the game runs very smoothly. Everything is working perfectly, as you can see here:. Instead of using your mouse, you can easily use your keyboard to pick cards during the battle. Doing this helps you react and launch your combos very quickly. This is a lot faster than using your mouse to choose-and-drop cards. In general, Andy was built to play Clash Royale on PC. See, you can easily pick cards during the battle.

This feature is not supported by many Emulators right now. It is the thing I like the most while using Andyroid. How to change the resolution of Andy? I want to play Clash Royale PC on a bigger window. If your graphic card is not strong enough, I strongly recommend using the default Andy resolution!

It is extremely easy to connect your current game progress on iOS to Andry Android. Please take a look at here and follow our introductions! After following the mentioned tutorial, you can play Clash Royale on both PC and Apple devices, as many as you want! Most computers at the moment already have Virtualization opening but If you do face this problem, please following this troubleshooting:. Clash Royale is an extremely addictive game, so be careful before you download it.

You will need hours and hours. The main reason why it is so addictive is in the gameplay. You can invest, upgrade, win battles and constantly improve your deck the main aspect of the game. The game was launched in in March, and it is related to Clash opening hours anzac day perth Clans. However, Clash Royale is gaining popularity as we speak, so it is already more popular than the game we just mentioned.

Clash Royale PC is multiplayer, real-time strategy game. It means that you play it in real time against real people. The main goal is to win battles and to improve your characters.

By the way, all available characters come from Clash of Clans. You will have to win battles, upgrade troops, win battles, open chests easiest way to get a lot of gold in clash of clans develop a strong deck. All of this is mandatory if you want to make some important achievement in the game. The real essence of the game is to defeat your opponents, obviously. Each battle lasts for 3 minutes, and after that, if the score is even, one minute is added.

After that, the battle is ended and the winner is a player with more towers destroyed. If both players have destroyed the same number of towers, the game ends as a draw.

However, it is a much better decision to attack Arena Options strategies long straddle and to try to destroy them. It will eliminate your troops in seconds! Luckily, King usually sleeps. Sleeps stands for the inactive period. You will notice that the cannon on his tower is hidden.

This means that he sleeps. The King will be awakened only if:. As such, a much clever idea is to attack Arena Towers first. They are easier to destroy and by doing this, you have higher chances to win a battle. In most cases, it is impossible to win a battle like this. The elixir has an important role in the game and it is crucial in order to win. It is normally generated all the time, but it will stop once the bar reaches Make sure you always use it before that.

A great advice is that during a battle, you should use less elixir than your opponent. For example, if your best buy charge a restocking fee sends Knight and Archer, he will use 6 elixirs.

You can defeat them with Fireball, which uses 4 elixirs! Keep in mind that elixir is important in the game, and the more you have it, the more of it, you can spend on the troops! A second, the most important part of Clash Royale PC is the deck. It consists of cards and your job is to change, improve and choose the correct ones.

Most gamers believe that you should have only cards with 4 or 5 elixir values. Ideally, your deck will be made from cards with a score between 3 and 4. Make sure you spend a lot of time on the improvement of the cards. Tiny adjustments are the perfect way to make the entire deck more powerful. A combination of cards can i buy fmcc stock the key.

We actually advise you to use Musketeer and Archers together. It is very useful and it creates a strong deck. In Clash Royale you get cards after dealing. But, the first cards you will get are weak! Pay attention to usd/inr live chart forexpros, and calculate the strength they have.

If they are weak, make sure to postpone the attack. Keep the characters where they are, so after the attack, they will be perfectly positioned for your attack.

Chests are important as well. They can bring you gold and a lot of useful items. However, they require time and they are awarded to you after some achievement.

The situation is the same with jewels. For example, you can get 5 of them after watching something on TV Royale. Chests are very useful, but they need time to be opened. Some chests require 3 hours, but others will need up to 12 hours.

Those with a longer opening time should be left overnight. Once you do so, you will improve your cards and your resources. Since the last month, large Clan chests have been added to the game. Make sure you become a member of a clan and try to get as many chests as possible. They are rewards you must use. While playing Clash Royale on PC, each mistake is a huge issue.

Most of them mean that you will lose your precious cards, elixir and you will make your towers vulnerable. Thanks to that, you opponents will take advantage of you and destroy you quickly. Nobody wants that, so make sure you avoid all of the mistakes mentioned below. The first one is the Arrows and Fireball. The best timing, when to use it is at the end of the attack. It can make things better for you, and it can help you win a battle. Of course, you should pair the spell with carefully positioned troops, well-balanced deck and powerful characters.

The next spell is the Rage. It does completely opposite than the first one.

Clash of Clans: Top 10 Tips and Cheats You Need to Know

The movement and the damage will be increased. A great tip is to place a Skeleton Giant and after 2 seconds apply the rage spell. After a few days more, you will get additional spells. Make sure you use them properly, meaning that you should pair them with superior positioning and strong troops.

In addition, save spells for more important battles, when you need extra power.

If you are thinking about playing the game, you will need two things. The first one is knowledge. It can be only obtained by proper reading and practice.

The second thing you will need is tips. They are simple, but they can help you get a better idea how to win a battle and how to avoid making mistakes. All of these tips have been used by advanced gamers for a long period if time. Clash Royale is an interesting game with a lot of possibilities and a lot of advantages, compared to similar games.

The gameplay is magnificent, battles are detailed and accurate and the game actually requires a high concentration. All of this means that you should play it. Clash Royale is one of the best games ever developed, and it deserves all of your attention.

It is complicated, but rewarding game. Read a lot more reviews for Clash Royale at here. Menu Home Clash Royale Mac. Download Clash Royale PC for Windows 7, 8 and 10 Are you looking for the easiest and the best way to download Clash Royale PC? Download Clash Royale PC Now.

Intel CPU or Dual core AMD with Virutalization support At least 10Gb of free disk space At least 2Gb of RAM GPU with OpenGL 2. An outstanding game designed by Supercell.

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